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Soft film smallpox has prominent advantage in the aspect of environmental protection, it is fully in line with European and domestic standards for the detection. Piamater by environmental protection raw material, does not contain cadmium, ethanol and other harmful substances. 100% recycling, in the manufacturing, transportation, installation, use, recycling process, will not have any impact on the environment, in line with the environmental theme of today's society.
Special keel is divided into PVC and Aluminum Alloy two materials, the main ingredient is PVC soft structure, soft buckle edge is made from PVC with some special additives. All of these components can live up to ten years. In the correct installation of the use of the process will not produce cracks, absolutely not decolorization or small pieces off.
Can be directly installed in the walls, wooden square, steel structure, gypsum walls and wooden walls. Suitable for all kinds of building structure. And only soft keel with screws evenly and can be fixed at a certain distance, the installation is very convenient. Throughout the installation process, there will be no solvent volatilization, no dust, no impact on other devices in this space, not affect the normal production work order.
Because the soft film smallpox is a soft material, is to determine its shape according to the shape of the keel. So more casual, diverse. To make designers more creative.
There are many kinds of smallpox soft film color, 8 types are available, such as dumb smooth, smooth, texture, metal surface, pore surface and transparent surface etc.. All kinds of fabrics have their own characteristics. The diameter of the hole surface has 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 10mm, and other types for designers to choose.
Occurs in the Water Leakage traditional smallpox on accident, often causing users very embarrassed, but failed to immediately stop Water Leakage, so that the indoor property destroyed; even affect the lower housing is made of soft film smallpox PVC material film, installation structure adopts a closed design, so when the Water Leakage situation, can temporarily supporting the sewage, let the owners to make timely treatment.
Because the soft film smallpox in the factory has a hybrid called a BIO - PRUF antimicrobial treatment. This trademark has been registered in the United states. And 30 years of experience. After this special treatment of the material to resist and prevent microorganisms (such as general hair mold) grown on the surface of the object, so that an additional protection to the general user, especially for children sleeping room and bathroom, etc.. Hongkong medicine will be designated to use the product.
The smooth surface of smallpox is in accordance with the movie screen and manufacturing, such as at the surface can be found to have numerous concave lines, and this is the light refraction will strengthen, so we encourage users to install wall lamp or lamp would enhance the effect, this method can reduce the number of light sources. Secondly, the essence of soft film smallpox is made of PVC material, can greatly improve the insulation function, can reduce the indoor temperature loss, especially often need to open the air-conditioning area. The same principle is the same as the diver wearing a diving suit to delay the loss of body temperature in the sea water.
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